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Ok..we know its a controversial image, but trust me..unless we don’t use shock therapy ..people will not realize that misdiagnosis kills! Please spread the word…your one act of sharing, can save a life!
The wonders of blockchain seems endless..of course theoretically as things are still being built..the outcomes could be different from what’s expected..but one thing I’m sure of..outcomes would be much more than expected ..e.g at MONET we are integrating AI with blockchain..outcome? Even more powerful & state of the art, world’s 1st ever decentralised platform within the global healthcare sector.
ORB is the native token of MONET Dapp. A well-thoughtfully designed economic model for ORB, ensures its price appreciation..expect ROI higher than investing into any other alt-coin. Expect ROI higher than investing into any other alt-coin.

The little ‘X’ that you see in the centre of O (4th line) is the logo of MONET Dapp. Soon we would be revealing more clear image. For now, consider it as a teaser :)

Showcasing MONET Project to the world for the very 1st time at World Blockchain STO Summit, Dubai 29–30th April, 2019

We will be in Dubai, showcasing MONET Blockchain Project on 29–30 April, 2019 at Crowne Plaza Dubai Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan Road, P.O. 23215, Dubai, UAE ..If you are around, let’s connect !😀


World Blockchain STO Summit is bringing together, the world-class Blockchain Technology pioneers, STO experts, & solution-providers. Attendees will explore first-hand knowledge of many potential of STOs embracing Blockchain technology at their core. Expect to get amazed by disruptive & innovative technology embraced by #MONET #blockchain Project & how we are disrupting #global #healthcare sector. This is the first time, the project will be showcased to the world

MONET BLOCKCHAIN PROJECT will be showcased for the very first time to the world at this summit

Afsheen Jafry

Values that stay close to me are passion & perceptiveness. I don’t work, I simply follow my passion…passion for knowledge sharing that keeps energy flowing.

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