ORB is the native token of MONET Dapp. A well-thoughtfully designed economic model for ORB, ensures its price appreciation..expect ROI higher than investing into any other alt-coin. Expect ROI higher than investing into any other alt-coin.


Afsheen Jafry
5 min readDec 11, 2019


Written by: Afsheen Jafry, COO & Kashif Rizvi, CEO

Gone are the days, when investors were jumping on to the IEO bandwagon just because projects were able to showcase white papers, a force of upto 20 team members suddenly emerging on LinkedIn with impressive profiles and expertise in blockchain, when blockchain was hardly even built. A mere google search of “blockchain”, “bitcoin” would flood your engine with “all-very-promising-projects”.

Fast forward 2020, blockchain, cryptocurrency and bitcoin have evolved to a point where only projects backed by real-use case can stay.


We are the founders & project owners of MONET. ORB is the native token of MONET Dapp (being built as we speak). We are opening up our first ever crowd sale with LA Token, on 20 Jan. 2020. Promoting our IEO, we come across a fundamental question, which is “how would ORB appreciate in its price & stay sustainable?”

ORB’s price appreciation comes via a variety of mechanisms:

First, ORB must be purchased from exchanges, by users (patients), to pay for their healthcare needs (i.e. seeking 2nd opinion on medical diagnosis). This automatically gives ORB intrinsic value as it provides vital functionality. Something no other token can boast as per our knowledge/ at the time of writing. As demand for ORB increases, so does ORB’s ROI. This is one of the market forces that help drive increasing value.

Secondly, as time goes by, activity on the platform will increase as patients continue to seek 2nd opinion at an ever increasing rate. For example, millions of patients die every year globally due to misdiagnosis of their medical conditions. The marketing strategy will be focused to reach regions with largest population such as China & India with a collective population of 2.7 billion combined also with increasing problems reported with their national healthcare systems. What this means is that, through marketing, the audience would be educated why asking for a 2nd opinion can be life-saving decision, hence creating demand for ORB. We would like to remind again, MONET service offering isn’t a choice, but a necessity.

Due to the “need & equal demand” of our service, token would keeps changing hands, hence drive liquidity into the ORB…



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