The ‘Human Side’ of Medibit STO Project

Afsheen Jafry
4 min readMay 30, 2018
STO (Security Token Offering) unlike ICOs offer dividends to its investors. First 20 million Medibit Tokens sold, entitles holders to company’s dividends. Our business model is “Utility-Security” structure.

If you are serial or potential investor of STO/ICOs, a simple Google search would flood you with ICO/STO projects that sound promising and exciting. This post doesn’t intent to help you spotting a promising project from a ‘more’ promising project. In fact I aim to showcase our STO project with an honest insight.

While we as a company talk about our project, some very interesting comments and criticism come up, helping us evolve the project. I’ve talked to so many ICO founders who try to hide the ‘unknown territory’ of project development by ‘fluffing’ up the outcomes. Every time I fail to understand, what refrain one from not putting out the ‘unknowns’ of the project and take pride in accepting “we aren’t sure of that, however we would find the answers as we progress.”

So…being accountable and transparent, I proudly show the human side of our STO Project.

Even though, I had been working as a management consultant for last 6 years, and my partner working as a forex trader, I’ll be very honest here. When we started, we had no idea of the challenges we will face of this new territory. Call it a burning desire, an intense passion, all we knew was that STO stage will be reached and that is all that mattered then.

Today, we are in a pre-STO private funding phase.

Being a small start-up, raising funds under the umbrella of disruptive innovation, and projecting a promising project is really overwhelming. Not because one is clueless, but because we knew too much, yet had no idea how to structure the information in a manner so that people from non-technical background can grasp the idea in simple and few words.

Another challenge is the fact that WE (the entire crypto community) are challenging the financial system of the world.

In addition, We, the Medibit team is challenging the healthcare systems of the world!

Let me explain.

Regardless of where you are, a developed or an under-developed country, healthcare systems favour people who can pay the ‘asking price’. Please exclude the charitable element here for now. Many would agree, many would disagree, but that’s not the point. Whether it’s a tax/insurance-laden, or private systems, only those who can pay are…



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