Unravelling tokenomics: The blueprint of VirtualX VRL.

Afsheen Jafry
3 min readMay 8, 2024

Tokenomics serves as the economy of tokens. It defines the economic skeleton of a cryptocurrency or blockchain project. One such project is VirtualX VMobile- the native token is called VRL listed on 3 major CEXs: MEXC, LBank and BitMart.

This article takes the reader deeper from the design to distribution of VRL AKA the tokenomics of VRL. Whilst designing the tokenomic, each decision was embedded in its protocol, and carefully crafted by the founding developers.

The VRL tokenomics were meticulously outlined in our comprehensive yet detailed white paper. This elaborated document is a treasure map guiding you through everything VRL promises to achieve and how the underlying technology would play its part.

At the heart of VRL’s tokenomics lays its scarce and incentivising mechanism. These incentives are thoughtfully structured to craft a compelling case for investors to not simply buy but persistently HOLD onto the purchased tokens. Much like the varying monetary policies of traditional fiat currencies, each cryptocurrency carries with it a unique financial blueprint.

Tokenomics plays a pivotal role in defining two integral aspects of a crypto economy — the incentives that sketch out the distribution of the token and the very utility of these tokens driving their demand. The delicate dance of supply and demand weighs heavily on price, with projects striking the right incentives often witnessing a quantum leap in value.

Let’s unearth the primary variables of VRL tokenomics:

  1. Staking — We’ve established a reward mechanism. HODLers holding onto VRL are rewarded for locking their tokens into the smart contract.
  2. Token burning — With an intention to permanently contract the available supply, we introduced token burning. A massive 50 billion VRL were obliterated, rendering the remaining tokens scarce, and subsequently more valuable.
  3. Limited supply — In the vein of Bitcoin, VRL has a cap; no more than 50 billion VRL will ever exist. This enforces its scarcity, enhancing its appeal to potential investors and wider community.
  1. Token allocations and vesting periods — We meticulously planned the token distribution, including token allocations and vesting periods. We reserve a portion of tokens for project owners, developers, and marketing purposes, among others. To prevent the team from flooding the market, a vesting period of two years is in place, ensuring even distribution and minimising market impact. VRL’s dedicated and transparent distribution system is visible on the BSC scan. In addition to the transparency, the project had also bought out all of the seed funders who were holding a large bag of VRL. This very strategic and bold step means that there are no big bag holders anymore.

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