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4 min readJan 11, 2020
Ok..we know its a controversial image, but trust me..unless we don’t use shock therapy ..people will not realize that misdiagnosis kills! Please spread the word…your one act of sharing, can save a life!

MONET is an AI integrated blockchain project, operating within global mobile healthcare sector.

The project is expected to be completed by Autumn 2020.

ORB (native token of MONET) Token Sale starts 20.01.2020 with LAToken IEO Launchpad.

In the US alone, millions of patients die every year due to misdiagnosis or missed diagnosis of medical conditions[1].

“We are telling this true story so that others might see fragments of themselves or loved ones”

“It was nagging cough that first sent Janet to her family doctor. She was then referred to a specialist. Janet was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (a form of cancer) in the very early stages. Specialist advised that the sooner treatment was started, the better it would be. Janet went through chemotherapy sessions as recommended, however with in less than 3 months, she died.

The family being resourceful, requested autopsy. It turned out that Janet never had cancer.

But would that have had happened, if Janet had access to 2nd expert’s opinion through MONET Dapp?

Janet has a Decentralise Application (Dapp) on her smartphone that instantly gives her an option to get connected to a specialist anywhere in the world. After not being satisfied with the suggestions of the first specialists, Janet gets registered with MONET Dapp, and connects to a specialists with in few hours. Specialists asks Janet for her symptoms and requests another immediate scan.

Upon getting the scan results, she securely uploaded the document to the MONET system within seconds.

Specialist reviews the reports and advises that it is a case of chronic bronchitis.[1]

So, what’s the problem?

Many patients mistakenly assume that misdiagnosis or undiagnosed symptoms of medical condition are normal occurrences within a health care service providing environment. Unfortunately patients don’t realise that health care providers are ethically and legally responsible for worsening medical conditions or medical costs resulting from delayed or incorrect diagnosis and subsequent treatments. This should not…

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